About Us

Woodlin School District R-104 is a single-campus district, housing grades Pre-K to 12, located on the Eastern Plains of Colorado in southwestern Washington County. Three small communities surround Woodlin: Last Chance, Lindon, and Woodrow. The main tax base is agriculture. All of the students are bussed to school except for the teachers’ children who live on-campus housing, and some High School students who drive themselves.

The Woodlin school system has a student-teacher ratio of approximately eight to one. School is in session from 7:55 am to 4:05 pm Tuesday through Friday. Occasionally a Monday is scheduled to provide the required student contact days.

The school facility consists of two buildings. The main building houses the office, library, cafeteria, elementary and secondary classrooms. A secondary math classroom, fine arts department and excellent auditorium are located in the adjacent building.

The school is the center of many activities for our area. The local Lions Club meets at the school in the evenings. The Lions Club supports the school by providing scholarships and other helpful work around the school. The school is used for a variety of community events.

The school district has a distance learning program in cooperation with other school districts throughout the East Central Board of Cooperative Educational Services. This system allows the district to expand course offerings and programs for our students. A feature of our program made possible by this system is the “Sophomore Scholars” program, in which students can earn an Associate’s Degree from Morgan Community College by taking courses for dual high school /college credit in their junior and senior years. After graduation, the student can then attend any Morgan Community College campus to complete their associate degree.

Woodlin School Song

To the tune of Illinois Loyalty

We’re loyal to you Woodlin High.

It’s Purple and White Woodlin High.

We bid you to stand we’re the best in the land for we know you are grand Woodlin High, Rah, Rah;

So fight on with might Woodlin High. We’re cheering you on Woodlin High.

The Mustangs will be victorious. Our teams are fighting for us.

Victory to you Woodlin High. Rah, Rah, Team, Team. Woodlin.

Vision Statement

We, the members of Woodlin School District, are dedicated to educating today's youth for lifelong success through an ethical, mutually responsive partnership with families and the community.